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Used Cars 4 Sale was the brainchild of Mel Nelson, intended as a way of connecting people with used cars in an efficient manner, as well as helping them find parts, services and insurance for their automobiles. In late 2011, he and Doc Sheldon joined forces to put the dream together and bring it to you here. They hope it will save you time, money and headaches, like it has many before you.

Mel Nelson

Mel Nelson retired in 2000 from his engineering consultancy activities (primarily project management of large projects in Asia, including cutting edge projects such as the world’s first automated electrical distribution system, the development of a unique method of in-situ repair of very large power transformers and the planning of the KL international airport), to devote himself to a full time Internet marketing consultancy.

He presently is the owner of the internet marketing agency, The SEO Shop, and is active in the internet marketing community, having moderated many discussion forums over the years and participated in nearly all the major ones. His goals are to insure an active and profitable visibility for his clients, many of whom have been with him for years.

Mel is from the old school of internet marketing, believing that integrity and planning are more important to success than publicity, and continues to follow all the twists and turns that this trail has to offer by daily study and discussions with his peers.

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Doc Sheldon

Doc Sheldon retired in 2005 from his business management consulting agency, where he handled clients from 10,000+ employees down to one-man operations. He performed interim management services, turnarounds and liquidations, as well as providing executive training to Fortune 500 clients.

After retiring, he began working on-line, building websites and providing content strategy and SEO services for a growing number of clients. Since then, he has also co-founded a number of successful web ventures prior to joining the Used Cars 4 Sale team.

He presently manages his SEO agency, Intrinsic Value SEO, while his partner manages Top Shelf Copy, Both are divisions of Doc Sheldon’s Clinic, specializing in serving international clients with cutting edge techniques, focused on semantic search.Doc has been writing professionally for over 35 years, at one time owning and publishing both weekly and monthly magazines and a newspaper. He has published one book and five ebooks in his career, which can be seen here, as well as thousands of technical articles.

Doc labels himself a critical thinker. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for more information.